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Chapter 8 – Destruction

„Do you think we are at the right place here?“, Kara asked.

„We have already been in five caves, it has to be this one“, Ben responded.

Both of them were standing at the entrance of a large cave. Behind them lay the vast plain of Alaska.

„This is definitely it.“

Upon entering the glacial cave Kara and Ben saw a dark blue color which had not occured in any of the other caves with that same clarity and radiance. Both were immediately fascinated by  this rich color.

„And, do you believe me now that we are, indeed, at the right place?“

„The ice is beautiful in any case. It would be even more beautiful if it was a little bit warmer.“

„You are somewhat moody today, Kara.“

„Give me a blanket, tea and central heating, and I will return to be in a super mood “, she retorted and moved deeper into the cave.

It didn’t take more than ten minutes until the compass started to flash.

„Can you see this?“, Kara wanted to know.

„Yes, finally the compass is responding.“

„Nah!“ Kara looked at it in surprise. „But this is not what I mean. Look at the walls and the ceiling. The ice is melting. We need to hurry up!!“

Now Ben, too, realized how, the deeper they advanced into the cave, more and more water was running down the walls. When a loud bang resounded through the cave, the compass was flashing even more strongly – the color they were looking for had to be in close proximity. Kara pointed to the ceiling of the cave which displayed a fissure.

„Look at this. The ice is melting and the cave will soon collapse.“

And then they finally saw it. At the end of the cave there was a hole in the wall. Hidden behind it was a large space with a stone standing in the middle on which an ice crystal was shining in a rich dark blue color that Ben and Kara had never seen before. The crystal was giving such bright light that it imparted its wonderful color to the surrounding ice.

„Somebody must have knocked a hole into this wall “, Kara said. She pointed to the splinters of ice on the soil that had been quaried out of the wall. „Here there are cracks in the wall as well. The cave must have lost its stability when the ice was burst through.“

Again a loud bang was to be heard in the passageways.

„We really need to hurry up!“, Kara shouted, when Ben reached the crystal.

„It is not only the crystal that shines, it is the stone as well.“

Ben contacted the stone with the compass and, apart from the blue, the quarzose grey, too, completed a further part of his compass.

With the next bang a new fissure disrupted the ice immediately above him.

„We need to run!“, Ben shouted. „The cave will not persist for long.“

As soon as he had left the room, the first large piece of ice plunged onto the ground. They ran as fast as they could. When both finally felt Alaska’s cold wind again the entrance collapsed behind them.

„Somebody was here before us, and he did not have any respect towards nature, otherwise he would not have destroyed the ice so rabidly. I’m sure it was the person who captured me. I am truly glad that we can disappear from here.“



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