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Chapter 7 – Reunion

In the train.

„Ok, so what happened?‟, Ben asked.

„I followed him. That guy, you know who. I met him accidentally in front of the hospital, after the doctor was finally done. But maybe it wasn’t such a coincidence, I think. I took the same flight to Trondheim and kept sight of him. Thus I checked into the same hotel and observed him. I thought that, if I watched for the right moment, I could maybe snatch his compass. But no chance – he was on his guard like a lynx.‟

„To what end? Only in order to be back in the game?‟

„No!‟ She seized his hand, but he withdrew it equally quickly. „Because the compass was my only chance to find you again.‟


In Norway.


Kara told him much more. That she had not lied to him deliberately, or at least not willfully. Initially it had even been very funny. And then she had missed the opportunity to put it right. And with each day that passed the lie became bigger and the courage to revoke it smaller.

She told him that she was able to smell colors. And that conversely odors often presented to her as a color – like a sheer veil.

She told him that the scary man had overpowered her. The man had said that he would be the master of the colors and that we didn’t deserve that honor since we were to weak. That only he was strong enough to control the colors.

No, he had said: to dominate the colors!


Ben needed time. He wished to believe her – that she did not want to hurt him, that he could trust her, but it was difficult. They stood on a roofgarden, the highest far and wide. Kara approached the edge. She shuffled off the hood, the red hair shot into the wind. The lights of the city shone on her from below and the purple-sparkling polar lights illiminated the sky above her. In between, in the slender streak between artificial light and spectacle of nature, stood Kara. Wonderfully beautiful.

She extended the compass towards the polar lights and said: „Without wings we won’t come closer to them.‟ She turned to Ben: „Any suggestions? Or do you need a little bit more time to stare into space?‟ Kara gave him a wink. This smile. This sweet, honest smile.

„You are grinning ‟, she said.

Yes, Ben was, indeed, grinning. He even grinned twice as intensively. First of all because his compass was able to collect the next color, and secondly because Kara was back. Even though she had betrayed him, she had also explained everything to him! She had told him the entire truth, and to be honest, he now trusted her more than ever before. It was just up to him to finally forgive her.

It was difficult, but when she smiled at him, he smiled back.

„Wow‟, she said, „remain exactly that way.‟

„What is it?‟, Ben asked.

Kara came closer to him, until she was only a few inches away. „How beautifully the purple polar lights are reflecting in your brown eyes.‟

The compass flashed thrice – and they had the next colors.



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