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Chapter 6 – Liberation

„There it is, our destination. It is beautiful, not easy to reach, however. But it has been this way most of the time, hasn’t it, Kara?“

Ben turned aside. But she wasn’t there. Even though he knew that it was better this way he still missed her. Here, in the little village, surrounded by the forest, Ben felt that he was at the right place. This was also, more or less, confirmed by the talkative person he met so unexpectedly here outside in the cold.

„There is a luminescence in the forest. It looks very beautiful. But it is also dangerous. Certainly a secret governmental project or an unidentified flying object!“

Ben looked at the man in bewilderment. That was most probably a  new color again.

„Just be careful. They are Martians, they might captivate you and start strange experiments with you.“

„What?“, Ben asked. „Ah, ok – no problem! Thank you for the information – I will manage on my own. After all I always carry my alumimum hat with me.“ He unpacked the provisions he had wrapped in aluminum foil and resolutely and with slightly amusement took a bite out of his staffed Karelian pirog.

„That sounds good. Just walk up the hill there and you will already see the green creatures.“

Ben shook his head and headed into the direction the strange man had pointed him to.

Behind a hill, deeply into the snowy forest, a dark green color was shimmering. A vivid, warm color, very much in contrast to the cold snow covering the trees. This was it, Clearly the next color. When Ben walked up the hill he heard voices and cowered down in the snow. Two persons were standing on the glade next to the moss-grown rune stone that lay in the middle and illuminated the surroundings. Was that possible? The one person looked like Kara, from the other person he could only see the silhouette since she was standing on the margin of the glade and was concealed by the shadow of the trees. Was Kara collaborating with this fellow? No! Quickly Ben realized that she had been captured. Her arms were bound behind her back.

Ben pondered what he was supposed to do. The stranger was the person from the lighthouse and was clearly dangerous. Ben fished the bengal light out of his backpack, which he had taken along to protect himself from wild animals or in case he got lost in the dark. Now Ben lighted these fires at different places and shouted with disguised voices: „Whe have them. – „Yes, here they are.“ – „Forward!‟

The unknown man looked about nervously while Ben was forming snowballs. He skillfully threw them at several tree crowns so that snow came off and Kara’s kidnapper fled immediately. Fortunately he is a coward, Ben thought.

Ben ran towards Kara, who still tried to get free and redeemed her from her shackles. Then he quickly put his compass close to the moss that was shimmering in green colors on the rune stone.

„He took me by surprise and then captivated me. He also wanted to seize you and your compass!“

„Come with me! I have the color. We have to leave before he comes back.“



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