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Chapter 4 – Revelation

A lightning flickered through the agitated night sky, closely followed by the ear-splitting rumbling of the thunder. Ben looked upwards. The storm was almost above him. For how long had he been wandering through this labyrinth? He quickened his pace, his trotting turned into running. To the right, to the left, to the right again, the middle passage, then steep to the left. Hadn’t he been here already? His running turned into sprinting. Left, right, left, to the right again and again to the right around the next corner – or should it be the other direction? The wind picked up and he felt the first drops on his skin.

„Damned!‟, he grumbled.

A short moment of inattention was enough. Something cracked and he yelled loudly. He sprawled to the ground. His right foot pulsated with pain. He looked around – the root he had overlooked was virtually embarassingly small. It was always the little things that made one topple. There was lightning again. A pelting rain set in, thick drops slapped into his face. He had to move on, but how? From afar he heard a familiar voice.


This was Kara!

„Here!‟, he gasped. It was much to quiet, the rain was drowning everything.

„Ben!‟, Kara shouted again.

Ben bit on his lip. Cautiously he leaned on his healthy foot. A jolt had to suffice. On the count of three! One, two – he catapulted himself upwards – three!

„HEEEEELP‟, he shouted. He tumbled and looked for a grasp. The pain befuddled him.


Kara had turned around the corner. „There you are!‟ She rushed towards him and held him. „I found the exit.‟

„I have at least found this root“, he joked with relief.


The lighthouse, finally! Through the heavy rain and illuminated by the highlight of the  lightnings it looked like it was shaking. Ben, who was still leaning on Kara, shouted with glee. This was where the colors had to be! But where?

„Look!‟, Kara exclaimed and pointed to a bright orange spot at the boom of the lighthouse. An old man was standing there, with his cap pulled deeply onto the sunken face. His cloak was twinkling, even through the veil of rain. He waved at the two of them.

„His cloak!‟, Kara said beamimg with joy.

Ben, too, saw the twinkling. However, an uneasy feeling creeped upon him which did not stem from the pain in his leg. A shadow emerged behind the lighthouse keeper.

„Wait!‟, Ben panted. „Something is wrong.‟

He held Kara back. And then everything went very quickly – a knife flashed up, the lighthouse keeper spun around, screamed and sunk to the ground. A dark figure throwned above him. It raised its voice, which resounded through the night: „You will never receive the colors!‟ Ben and Kara froze. The storm was now raging above them. It thundered and cracked. A gust dragged them to the ground.

„Take my hand!‟, Ben shouted through the storm.


When the storm had passed, it was dawning.

„We don’t have much time“, the light house keeper gasped. Kara held his head. „I am … no ordinary keeper. I am …‟, his breath became weaker, „a guardian of the colors.‟

Ben and Kara looked at each other. A guardian?

„Here … take my favorite color. I am the only one who ever managed to catch this fascinating auburn“, he said proudly.

„Thanks. But who was the stranger?‟, Ben asked.

„He …‟, the guardian mumbled.

„What?‟, Ben shouted. „What does he have in mind?‟

But the guardian did no answer any longer.



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